Meet Our New Intern: Emily Kovenock

The Textiles and Clothing Museum (TCM) is very excited to announce that we have added another student to our team–Emily Kovenock! We interviewed Emily to get to know her better, and to learn about her enthusiasm and interest for museum studies.

museum professional photo

What is your hometown?

I have lived in many places from California to Indiana, but the place I picture most as home would be Iowa City.

What is your year? Major?

I am a senior in Apparel Merchandising and Design with a focus in creative and technical design.

How did you learn about the TCM? How did you learn about the internship?

I heard about the internship my freshman year when Ann Thye sent out an email saying that applications for the internship were open. I wanted to apply immediately, but I waited until I completed most of the recommended classes.

What spiked your interest in the TCM internship?

Taking the museum studies class made me feel drawn to the internship even more. I had been assigned to research a painting, I was terribly disappointed when I didn’t get a textile piece since that is my area of interest. I ended up learning so much in the process of researching the painting that I feel much more confident at the thought of researching anything that gets thrown my way now. I feel that this internship will continue to challenge my mind and help me grow as a researcher. A close friend of mine, Olivia Smith, also had done the internship which spikes my interest even more.

How did you become interested in museum studies?

I have always been interested in fashion history, but I would say my specific interest in museum studies grew when I joined the Costume Society of America and attended my first conference with the organization. I learned so much more than I could have hoped in that one week.

Do you have any prior experience with museum work?

I have taken a class through the Costume Society of America on conservation while also having the opportunity to see behind the scenes of a variety of museums. Other than that, my experience is from the museum studies class I took here at Iowa State.

What are you looking forward to the most during your internship? 

I am really looking forward to co-curating the TCM exhibition next Fall semester. I am also looking forward to the opportunity to study historical construction techniques directly from primary sources rather than sewing books or blogs.

By: Dyese Matthews, Graduate Research Assistant

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